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We have been given a "great work" (Neh 6:3). What is a greater work than getting the Word of G-d to the Jewish People in the Last Days?

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Founder of a Bible Society for the 144,000?  Complete with a media bible? Stop everything and download the OJB (ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE).  Welcome to (not the world of the cult and the false prophet and the new age) but to the world of an artist and a scholar, the world of Phil Goble, Phillip Goble, a professional playwright whose work was published (allow time for the play to download) by the same publisher who gave the world the book version of Mel Gibson's Passion. 
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I am a professional writer and actor.  This is my web page.


I have produced a media Bible and have translated the Bible with commentary at



I would like to invite you to pray with me.


And also I would like to invite you to study with me.



The most important book ever written is the Bible. As Benson Bobrick has said, "Next to the Bible itself, the English Bible was (and is) the most influential book ever published" (Wide as the Waters, Penquin Books, p.11).

The authentic pre-Churban Jewish faith represented by THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE pre-dates that hybrid Talmudic transmutation without kehuna or Beis HaMikdash known as post-Churban Rabbinic Judaism. As Dr. Marvin Wilson has said, Rabbinic Judism is not bound to one authority (like the holy, infallible, and inerrant Tanakh), but embraces many authorities in a long line of living rabbinic tradition.  This flows out of the labyrinthine maze of tortuous and all too human footpaths called the Talmud. Dr. Phillip E Goble is the translator of THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE.  Personally mentored by Dr. Donald McGavran, he is considered a leading authority in the world in his area of theological expertise. See on Romans 11:25 in AFII Commentary on Romans. His books are cited in the standard historical dictionaries published by major academic publishers like Zondervan, Baker Book House and others.


This translation was thirty years in preparation and is now ubiquitous on the World Wide Web. THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE is a translation for Orthodox Jewish readers that has succeeded in becoming a best selling Bible translation for all English readers.


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