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We have been given a "great work" (Neh 6:3). What is a greater work than getting the Word of G-d to the Jewish People in the Last Days?

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About Us
I am committed to the inerrancy of the Bible.  I have dedicated my life to helping all peoples everywhere have a copy of the Bible.

If I may present our mission statement to you, it is this.


To promote the Bible through media of all kinds for the benefit of all.

We began in New York City in February of 1980 and have since seen some $1,000,000 in round figures come forth and be used to promote the Holy Scriptures.

Testimonial from the Publisher
Dr. Phillip E. Goble is the translator of THE ORTHODOX JEWISH BIBLE and the publisher of THE ORTHODOX HASIDIC YIDDISH BIBLE and the ORTHODOX JEWISH HEBREW BIBLE.  He is considered a leading authority in the world in his area of theological expertise.  His books are cited in the standard historical dictionaries published by major academic publishers like Zondervan, Baker Book House and others.